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Our Classic Brand Bic lighters with Weed Responsibly™ logo. Sold in quantities of two.

2-Pack Weed Responsibly™ "Basic Lights" Bic Lighter

SKU: 4126 4627 10000H
Color: White
  • Our "Basic Lights"  Bic lighter displays our traditional Weed Responsiby™ logo for all of your cannabis friends to see when you light up.


    Sold in quantities of two.


    Some technical stuff:

    • Up to 3000 lights per lighter
    • Up to 2 times the lights vs. the next full size leading brand
    • Child-resistant, safe and reliable; 100% quality inspected
    • No lighter is child-proof. There is no substitute for proper adult supervision 
    • Read all warnings before using this lighter



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